1. How and when will I be able to access the courses I purchased?

When you make a purchase from our site, Cloud U staff will be notified immediately and will begin setting up your course library with your purchased course(s) using the name and email address you entered in the User Information form - not the billing form. Within two business days of your transaction,  Cloud U support will email the library access instructions to you, or the user if you are purchasing for someone else. Be sure to look for the email from "support@clouduceu.com" and check your spam folder! 

2. What computer requirements do I need in order to view the courses?

With Cloud U, there are no large files to download to your computer. You should be able to view content on any internet-connected device. If you are having trouble, try changing browsers. For example, if you are unable to see content using Internet Explorer, try Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. You also need to have sound, so make sure your speakers are turned up! To view content on a mobile device, download the Retreive app from the iTunes or googleplay  store and enter NADR in the access URL.

3. Why do I see Cloud U CEU on my credit card statement?

Although you may have accessed our store through your organization's site, you actually purchased the course from Cloud U. 

4. Does my organization still receive proceeds from the transaction? 

YES! Your organization has an agreement with Cloud U to produce (film/edit), sell and offer technical support for the courses. The majority of the proceeds will go to your organization.

5. I was able to view the course and now it has disappeared in my library! Help!

Please check the "shelves" box to the left of your library. Make sure your organization's name is blue - not gray. If gray, simply click it to turn those courses back on. Also, be sure that you do not have a pop-up blocker turned on!

6. Who is "Retrieve Technologies" and what is a "kApp"?

 Retrieve Technologies is the software and hosting provider Cloud U uses for course creation and the course library. They label all course "kApps" but you are free to call them what you want. Please do not contact Retrieve for technical assistance - contact us by emailing support@clouduceu.com !

7. I would like some more information on how my organization can offer its own course library.

Great! We are happy to speak with you and demonstrate how we can help. Email us today!