Digital Marketing Techniques to Help Your Clients Find You!

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Christina Pate Davis shares her experience and expertise gained from managing large corporations' online advertising campaigns in her role at Google and shows how to use those same strategies on a smaller level to attract Social Security Disability leads. She explains the culture of Google and how that can be used in any industry. The presentation describes various options that Google offers to either initiate or advance your online presence. This course is useful to representatives of all experience levels who would like more information on online advertising strategies. This course has been approved for 1 hour of ADR continuing education credit.

Objectives of this NADRguide:

  1. The user will understand the importance of establishing an online presence and will learn techniques for websites or online ads that get attention.
  2. The user will understand the benefits of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  3. The user will become familiar with other options for online advertising such as Google AdWords and YouTube.
This NADRguide includes an audio presentation complete with synced powerpoint video. The original presentation was recorded at the NADR 15th Annual Social Security Law Conference in March, 2015.

This course has been approved for one hour of ADR continuing education credit.
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