So...Everyone Hates Fee Petitions

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Fee petitions aren't that bad! Allow Charles Pirro, Esq., who has been practicing Social Security Disability Law for over 40 years, to show you why you shouldn't shy away from the fee petition process. Given the current climate of increased denial rates, and the projected increase of Continuing Disability Review cases, you need to know how you can represent individuals and still get paid (what you're worth) for your work. This session is appropriate for all experience levels. This NADRguide has been approved for 1 hour of ADR continuing education credit.

The objectives of this NADRguide include:
  1. The user will understand how to use the fee petition process in a Social Security claim.
  2. The user will understand how to use a 2-tiered fee agreement as well as how to properly receive payment for CDR and Overpayment cases.
  3. The user will understand how SSA evaluates fee petitions, timeframes for submission and response.
  4. The user will have access to the CFR, HALLEX and POMS citations that govern the process as well as sample documents.
This guide is audio of Mr. Pirro's presentation at the NADR 15th Annual Social Security Disability Law Conference in March of 2015. It includes synced powerpoint video, links to referenced citations and Mr. Pirro's presentation handouts.

This course has been approved for 1 hour of ADR continuing education credit.
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